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Hector and the Search For Happiness Official Trailer 3

"Hector had a great deal of patience for his patients"


The World’s End - You Are The Conversation, I Am The Game

I made a vid in attempt to cheer up Oksana, since she seems to be pretty down lately, shit has been happening, this isn’t our happy year, but we gotta pull through and move on.

Good luck you all with your goals.

*right in the feels*

Thank you so much for making this. I love you. And may this year get better at last…

"You don’t need to do this!"…"Yes I do"

"You don’t need to do this!"

"Yes I do"

The World’s End cast commentary, part2

(in the scene at The Mermaid where Blank! Becky Salt swallows Andy’s ring)

Simon: Now tell us about that ring.

Nick: We did that a lot. We did that like twenty or thirty times…

Paddy: Wasn’t that the… One Ring To Rule Them All?…

Simon: Martin brought that in!

The World’s End cast commentary

Nick Frost: You look a lot like you younger man there.

Simon Pegg: Do I? Like Thomas [Law]?

Nick: Yeah. But really old.

Simon: But really old and less handsome.

Nick: No, I think you are as handsome, just really old.

Beginnings vs. Skip to the End 

The World’s End reality subtext, part3

Edgar: Now, some of these injuries are from like… some of these injuries are real, aren’t they?

Simon: Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. I actually… I did stab Nick in the hand once. We were playing the knife game, I stabbed him on the set of Spaced by accident. I did run over my friend… well, I lost control of my friend’s Suzuki, I didn’t run over his leg though.

The World’s End reality subtext, part2

Edgar: Now, both of us have, like, a bullying instant in our life that inspired this.

Simon: Yeah, the whole thing of dislodging the eyeball came from the story from my school days and a bully who kind of made my life slightly miserable in the corridors for about a year of my school life.

Edgar: All bullies are called Shane as well.

Simon: They’re all called Shane. Shane Hawkins. I like the idea of a bird of prey, the hawk… But you had the same thing…

Edgar: I had the same thing… one of the things that inspired the movie was when I used to go back to my hometown and I’d feel kind of like alienated, like, just… nobody recognised me anymore. I used to go to the pub a lot when I was a kid. But then, when I went back after college and coming back from London, publicans wouldn’t recognise me, people from school wouldn’t recognise me, and very memorably for me, a bully from school, like, completely blanked me, pun intended. And I was never sure whether he, like, didn’t remember who I was or didn’t care, but somehow I was annoyed by the fact that he didn’t recognise me.

Simon: Yeah, and I had a similar thing which, I think, was certainly my inspiration for the “that all meant nothing” moment in that speech… I similarly came into contact with the boy who hated me at school and was very sort of like dismissive of me and saw me in a pub like it was after a play we’d been in together. He was like “Alright, remember those times?” Like it meant nothing.

Edgar: Yeah, like it was a game.

Simon: Yeah, like it was a game. And I felt like it wasn’t a game. You made me pretty miserable, why am I gonna laugh and smile with you, you… c*nt.